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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Halima mehood Halima mehood
1st time pass
An amazing instructor who is patient and helps you understand concepts with a calm approach. Passed with 4 minors and all credit goes to you! Thank you! ☺️

Reece MuirReece Muir
1st time pass
I highly recommend Naveed because he is very clam and patient driving instructor always very supportive and always give good advice

 Geri Aleksandrova Geri Aleksandrova
1st time pass
Naveed has been a fantastic driving instructor. He has a calm and supportive attitude at all times! He really helped me to become a confident and independent driver. I couldn't recommend enough.

Mia MarrosMia Marros
1st time pass
Naveed helped me so much. He always made me believe in myself and always was happy to listen to me rambling on about everything.

Hannry Mitchell Hannry Mitchell
2 week intensive course
Used the semi intensive course to go from no driving experience at all to passing first time within 2 weeks! Naveed is very knowledgeable and knows how to teach people to how they learn best. Flexible with working around your schedule too! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to drive safely and be comfortable behind the wheel.

Jason jones Jason jones
Learning fun
Naveed made learning fun and safe. Passed second time, overall great guy! I would definitely recommend him to anyone. Thanks mate ! All the best.

Kia Riding Kia Riding
Great instructor
Great instructor, really supportive and very calming in situations. Overall amazing instructor, highly recommend.

Clara HalasClara Halas
Amazing instructor
Amazing instructor! super supportive and really helped my confidence. Always friendly and considerate. Honestly the best!

Mussa SaidMussa Said
Great instructor
Great instructor! As it says on top and very calm patient and has good skills of teaching Car is modern, comfortable and easy to drive.

Faham ranna Faham ranna
Passed 1st time
Passed my test 1st time in Burton with few faults. I would highly recommend Naveed. The instructor is professional and very patent.

Eleana O HareEleana O Hare
Can't recommend Naveed enough
Can’t recommend Naveed enough! From being a beginner to passing my test first time in two weeks, I now feel confident and happy on the road! Naveed was able to match my schedule and planned every lesson to ensure I was well prepared for the test! Naveed was very friendly, calm and made me feel comfortable! Thank you Naveed!

Emma Brown Emma Brown
Amazing Instructor
Naveed is an amazing instructor, with the patience of a saint and nerves of steel. Which he definitely needs with me!! He’s very supportive and explains everything perfectly.

Tammy Tammy
3 week crash course
Thanks Naveed for your guidance and patience. I couldn’t have wished for a better instructor. Thank you for everything. I will definitely be recommending you to other learner drivers πŸ˜ƒ

Dr Adeel Rizwan Dr Adeel Rizwan
1 st time pass
I enjoyed my lessons with naveed and I never felt that I have exam. It went so smoothly and I passed in my first attempt without any mistake. His way of teaching is amazing and always goes through the theory and demonstrates it practically. Well-planned and organised. He is so flexible with schedule. Being a doctor and in full time rota employement, he managed my schedule so well. To me, he is the best trainer, instructor and teacher. Many thanks Mr Aziz for your efforts.

Anita wolseley Anita wolseley
1 st time pass
Naveed is very calm and friendly driving instructor he have shown me how to be calm and a good driver I have pass my test 1 st time I would recommend naveed to any one

Thomas convoy Thomas convoy
1 st time pass
A very friendly instructor which will take you through everything which you need for the test and will do so at your own pace.

Attiq Hussain Attiq Hussain
1st time pass
Naveed was very helpful and guided me very well towards passing my practical driving test. I was happy to get through it in the first attempt. Very good driving instructor. Highly recommended.

Adeeb Nawaz Adeeb Nawaz
1st time pass
Really good experience of driving with Naveed he thought me in very professional and calm manner. Would recommend naveed to all my friends

Ahmer HussainAhmer Hussain
1st time pass
Naveed is a great driving instructor and always calm and confident. He gives you confidence when driving and always makes you feel comfortable. Would 100% recommend!

Simon Simon
14 hours traning
I would highly recommend Naveed as a driving instructor. He is professional, calm and knowledgeable. It didn't take me long to pass my test with Naveed after my second attempt with only 14 hours of tution in total.

Manjunatha Bhat MManjunatha Bhat M
1st time pass
I would highly recommend Naveed Aziz as a driving instructor without any hesitation. His lessons are tailor made to match ones individual needs as was in my case. He is calm and makes you feel comfortable. His assesment and fault findings are spot on. I just went by his instructions and tips and that helped me pass the driving test in very first attempt. We are so happy with his lessons that my wife is going to start her lessons very soon. Thanks a lot Naveed Bhai!

Abdul JaabarAbdul Jaabar
1st time pass
Thank you very much for being so clam and supportive on the way to my driving experience If you are looking for a good instructor then give Naveed call. Highy recommend.

Mr Matthew Paul TaylorMr Matthew Paul Taylor
2 week intensive course
Passed my test 1st time with 4 driving faults All thanks to Naveed from LDC driving school. He is very help full and clam if u make mistake he would explain to you to make sure next won't happen again. If your looking good instructor and clam then I would recommend Naveed.

Holly DaviesHolly Davies
Extremely good instructor
I started with Naveed after 5 lesson with someone else who mess me about. Naveed taught me more in 1st lesson then other instructor did in five lessons. Naveed very clam and very supportive it was enjoyable exparice with him I would recommend him to any one who want learn to drive.

Isaac ArmahIsaac Armah
Experience driving instructor (3 week course
Very good and experienced driving instructor! Patient and assertive made the whole learning experience enjoyable and rewarding. I will strongly recommend him to anyone I know!

Abdul sajidAbdul sajid
Extremely good instructor
Passed first time. Extremely good instructor, very calm, patient and very professional. Teaches you at a rate at which you're comfortable and in a kind way which is also easy to understand. Would highly recommend.

Holly OliviaHolly Olivia
Holly Hanford
Naveed is a calm friendly driving instructor I had two driving instructors before but I wasn't happy with there style of teaching Once I have lesson with naveed and explained and ldc how they work thing become easy with help LDC workbook I manage to achieve my weekly lesson goals pretty easy If u looking for good driving instructor plz get in touch with naveed Would recommend naveed to any one.

Oskars CaunsOskars Cauns
Weekly lessons
Naveed is very patient clam politel he has great techniques of teaching Passed in second try with few minors. Gives some really good driving tips. And advice as well if u looking good instructor then I would recommend Naveed from LDC to help you with your driving journey.

Luke duros Luke duros
1 week intensive course
I would just like to say a really big thank you for all you patience and hard work I'm so grateful for your help with my driving and giving me all the right ways of doing the parking and everything thank you so much I highly recommend you to everyone I know who would like to learn to drive thank you again 5*****

 Matt Coello Matt Coello
Highly recommend the intensive courses for a great result in a short space of time.
Passed 1st time with Naveed. Excellent instructor. Very professional and had a calm demeanour about him. Only felt the need to point out things if necessary instead of overloading with too much information. Would highly recommend the intensive courses for a great result in a short space of time.

Amina HanifAmina Hanif
Passed 1st time
Hi i just want to say Thankyou for everything. You are an amazing, patient and very calm instructor. The lessons were very useful and prepared me for the test in the best possible manner. Due to your faith and best training i have passed first time within 7 months. You believed in me more then I believed myself. Thankyou for your superb guidance i really appreciate it. Highly recommend!

Sheree haylesSheree hayles
1st time pass
Naveed is been very Spportive though out the my driving Journey he kept me clam made me understand if I didn’t understand fully I loved πŸ’– LDC work book it’s was a great πŸ‘πŸ» help to achieve my goal πŸ₯… Would like wish all the best to Ldc team and Naveed and would recommend Naveed to everyone.

Ameer Hamza Ameer Hamza
1st time pass Semi Intensive Course
Naveed is very friendly nice patent and calm he is instructions are very clear and effective i think LDC system is very suitable for everyone as there is no pressure put on you and it enables students learner to learn their own pace.

Calm relaxed and confident instructor. 1St time pass
My wife passed her test first attempt. with 2 driving faults Naveed is an amazing instructor. He is calm relaxed and confident instructor. I would highly recommend him and wish him best of luck.

Lale SwainLale Swain
professional and calming
Passed second time with few Minors! Naveed is so professional and calming and will always fit you’re time in with was best works for you, definitely wouldn’t of gone with anyone else!

Aneesha MahmoodAneesha Mahmood
Midway pass
Passed my driving test thanks to naveed! very patient and calming to learn how to drive with. Will definetly be recommending to younger siblings and friends!

Kian Martin Kian Martin
Semi-intensive 1st time passed
Naveed is an excellent driving instructor, he makes you feel calm and comfortable when driving, I couldn't thank him enough, passed first time and only took me two weeks.would 100% recommend to anyone.

Chloe commons Chloe commons
1st time
Passed my driving test first time with only 4 minors! Naveed is very friendly and always gave lots of tips and tricks to help me pass my test. He is very calm and patient, always arrived early for my driving lessons and made me feel at ease before my test. I am glad I took my lessons with Naveed as he taught me a lot about driving!

Khyam Iqbal Khyam Iqbal
1st time passed
Naveed is an amazing teacher. I was struggling and he got me through it all calmly and nicely. It was an amazing journey and I highly recommended him if you want to succeed.

Josh Knight Josh Knight
Semi-intensive Course
I did my 1 week driving course with LDC Naveed. The LDC workbook and dvd help me achieve my goal and Naveed as instructor is very clam, sportive, patient i have enjoyed my lessons as i understood everything from workbook and Naveed helped with practice in car i would highly recommend Naveed to all my family friends and anyone who want to pass the test driving in one week

Yasinthorn JaenprakhoYasinthorn Jaenprakho
20 hours midway pass
Passed my test today with Naveed. He is a great teacher teach you everything you need to know and he is patient instructor. Learn well from him.

Sulman Qumer Sulman Qumer
1st time pass
Very good instructor overall. Helped me pass within a short period of time and made me a confident driver by the end of this experience. Highly recommended.

Kate Kate
1st pass
Absolutely fantastic driving instructor, would recommend highly. My 3rd instructor and I passed first time, gutted my lessons are over x thank you x

Ellie Martin Ellie Martin
1st time pass
Absolutely amazing! Couldn’t have anyone better to have helped me through learning to drive. Would absolutely recommend for anyone!!!

Antonia GonzalesAntonia Gonzales
1st time pass
Naveed it an excellent driving instructor! He is very patient and calm and always made me feel at ease. I have managed to pass my driving test first time today thanks to Naveed. I would highly recommend him! :)

Hubert janczakHubert janczak
Excellent instructor
Naveed is excellent instructor. He helped me to come back on the road He is patient and calm. I enjoyed every lesson. I will honestly recommend him to my friends. Thanks again Naveed.

Ellie jones Ellie jones
Amazing instructor
Amazing instructor helped me so much to pass, answered all my questions and made me feel so relaxed whilst driving. I could not have done it without all his help. highly recommended for everyone!!

Josh HoresWellJosh HoresWell
Supportive instructor
Naveed is Really supportive instructor that gives you all the tips you need to drive his support trust on me made me pass today if you make mistakes Naveed stays calm and explains how to sort out issue and doesn't gives up till you fully understand .anyone Could get anyone pass with Naveed i would recommend Naveed to anyone who is looking for clam professional polite driving instructor then why not give call to Naveed to see if you can help you get your freedom.

Anna WhitingAnna Whiting
Me and my sister Anna have both passed first time with Naveed , thank you so much! Lessons are always organised with a friendly approach. The LDC book also helps to plan lessons. Naveed books the driving test so no hassle for the students and he is supportive throughout. Great instructor would highly recommend!

Bealey CheeseBealey Cheese
Passed my test with 20 hours training
Big thank you to Naveed for helping me to pass first time ! Brilliant and reliable ! Good techniques from him though out the lessons he was very calm and help me learn from my mistakes I would recommend him to anyone who looking for calm Polite and professional driving instructor.

 Katarina Jarolinova Katarina Jarolinova
Very professional
Passed my practical driving test today in Burton with Naveed. Naveed is the best driving instructor;very calm and very professional. Every lesson taught me something and I'm really looking forward to do Plus Pass with Naveed. Really highly recommend for new learners.

Taylor InnesTaylor Innes
Safe Driving
Naveed is a great driving instructor he is very nice and made me feel confident and safe in my driving would recommend him to friends and family.

Aidan AcquahAidan Acquah
Build my confidence
I booked 25 hours of lessons with Naveed, with some limited experience of driving before this. Naveed quickly helped me build my confidence in driving through his patient approach to teaching, and this made it possible for me to pass on my first attempt. Our weekend classes were very convenient for me, as I was often busy with work during the week. If you're looking for a calm, patient instructor, who knows his stuff well, Naveed is your man.

Callum mcdolnd Callum mcdolnd
Passed in 4 weeks
I can’t recommend Naveed enough! he was always very calm and clear with instructions even when something goes wrong, also made me feel very comfortable and confident when driving. I passed within 4 weeks and couldn’t have done it without him! 10/10

Ayesha Safdar Ayesha Safdar
1st time pass
Naveed is very calm and patient professional driving instructor He’s lessons are very structured and stress free. Would recommend him to any one Thank you for support and staying calm with me.

Holly SouthwellHolly Southwell
Great teacher
Naveed is such a great teacher, he made me feel really confident in my driving and helped me overcome my nerves. Would recommend to anyone looking for a driving instructor!

Emily Nicholls Emily Nicholls
1st time pass
Combination of LDC driving workbook and DVD is pretty good as you can get ready before and it keeps track of your progress week by week Naveed very calm patient driving instructor he uses student cantered learning method and makes lessons more enjoyable I would definitely recommend Naveed to family and friends.

Umar Tahir Umar Tahir
Hard working instructor
Naveed is hard working instructor he is very calm patient and he has very good method of teaching uses ldc work book which help you prepare you for lesson and keeps track of your progress helps you develop skills what you need to drive if you looking for patient driving instructor then you should give chance to Naveed you wont regret

Ami DolbyAmi Dolby
1st time pass
Naveed is such an amazing instructor, he makes learning enjoyable and less stressful as he is such a funny guy with an effective teaching method!

Nataniel Roszak Nataniel Roszak
One of the best instructors.
Passed my driving test first time today. Naveed is a nice and friendly instructor. Giving you useful tips for the test. He won't tell you off if you did something wrong but teach you how to improve and get everything right. Highly recommend, probably one of the best instructors. Thank you for helping me pass!

Ashley hodgkinsonAshley hodgkinson
Finally done it
Happy to have finally done it, couldn't of done it without Naveed's help, I had 2 instructors before him an none topped him, really great guy, 10/10 supportive; if ever unsure about something, always the question and Naveed is happy to assist. Would recommend him to family and friends

Barween jandiBarween jandi
Recommend to anyone
I can't thanks Naveed enough.Naveed was so professional, patient and punctual I couldn't recommend him more, I have passed my test with 3 minor, thanks dear brother for everything, thank you so much for your help and making me the safest driver I can be.

Mustafa Mohammed mustafaMustafa Mohammed mustafa
Passed 1st time
I had a very useful and nice experience with Naveed, learned a lot and in a short time, all the tips and the good company, many thanks again you made my life easier.

Noah stone Noah stone
Passed 1st time
Naveed was a very good instructor he was very help full clam and patient I learnt really easy with him the course was set out well as it gave me time to go over everything and feel confident about my test I would definitely recommend naveed to family and friends.

Aneeqa Nawaz Aneeqa Nawaz
Brilliant instructor
Hi everyone, Naveed is a brilliant instructor, from a complete stranger that I was to driving a few months ago to today having passed my driving test, I can't thank Naveed enough. Anyone out there wanting to learn driving-hassle free and stress free-would definitely recommend Naveed,s LDC driving school

Eima karimEima karim
Highly recommended
I highly recommend Naveed as a driving instructor. He is calm, understanding, helpful and most importantly knows his staff and knows how to teach and explain everything. Brilliant instructor, very very good at what he does! Thank you very much for your help! :)

Sunny Chau Sunny Chau
Passed 1st time
Passed my driving test first time today. Naveed is a nice and friendly instructor. Giving you useful tips for the test. He won't tell you off if you did something wrong but teach you how to improve. The LDC workbook is very useful.Highly recommended driving instructor.

Kate RainsfordKate Rainsford
Passed first time
Passed first time today with only 1 minor thanks to Naveed! 4 weeks from start to finish. Naveed was so professional, polite, patient and punctual I couldn't recommend him more! From someone with severe anxiety who has been putting off driving for years, Naveed couldn't have been any better and I definitely couldn't have done it without him! Thank you so much xx

Sophie Allen Sophie Allen
Passed 1st time
Naveed is very kind and chatty He makes you feel comfortable while learning and has a very effective method of teaching He is very understanding if mistakes are made and will never make you feel bad for it I was very lucky to have Naveed as teacher and extremely thankful he made learning quick and easy.

Auden kiddAuden kidd
Kind instructor
Naveed was very helpful for the short period of time I was with him He was calm and experienced how to perform manoeuvers clearly takes his time and doesn't rush you Overall good and kind instructor who will definitely recommend

Waqas Ahmed Waqas Ahmed
1st time passed
Naveed Good teacher and he has good experience Naveed is clam patient friendly recommend for learners. Brilliant.

Victor DeliculeaVictor Deliculea
Top professional
Top professional! Many thanks Naveed for his work and my results. It just couldn't be better. Flexible, always in time, big experience, huge patience and he knows for sure what and where you will be going to have at your test. Highly recommend Naveed for your driving practice

Dan Woolley Dan Woolley
Brilliant driving instructor,
Naveed is a Brilliant driving instructor, got me passed 1st time very friendly and great with instructions making them very clear, would definitely recommend.

Carl SpencerCarl Spencer
Best instructor
I've passed my test 1st time with 25 hours training thanks to Naveed. He is patient clam explain to the achieving targets from LDC Workbook with great details and workbook is very structured help with from basics to the end. Once again thank you Naveed and LDC schools. Would recommend LDC schools and Naveed any one.

Abaid Khan Abaid Khan
Passed 1st time
Naveed is amazing instructor, if your not sure on certain topic or have a question he will answer it straight away. He's always on time a good person to have a chat with when having your lesson. He wants to get the best out of you no matter what. I will recommend Naveed as your first instructor he's a 10/10

Sheraz Ahmed Sheraz Ahmed
Best instructor
Thanks to Naveed I passed 1st time and good thing about is very patient and clam he does not get angry with you even if you ask same Question over and over again LDC work book worked for really well because i was learning how to drive while i was reading the book and when i was going lessons i knew what i expected from lesson and i had control over my lessons i would highly recommend Naveed to any one who is looking for driving instructor who clam and patient.

Kaspars CinkusKaspars Cinkus
Many thanks
Many thanks to my instructor Naveed Aziz for teaching me driving and his patients. Thanks to him I passed my driving test in first time. I'm recommending Naveed Aziz to other people, because it's very easy to learn with him and he is very flexible with times and days when you needed.

Taufeeq Hassan Taufeeq Hassan
Hard work and your dedication
Thank you Naveed you have been amazing instructor always motivate individual to do their best. I am so happy to pass my driving today and its all because of your hard work and dedication. I highly recommend Naveed as one of the best driving instructor. Once again thank you very much

T BirkettT Birkett
Never made me under pressure
I learnt to drive from start to finish with Naveed from LDC, I have got to say he is the best type of instructor you could ask for very friendly and talkative, he is patient and never once made me feel under pressure or stupid for making the same mistake twice. He made learning to drive very enjoyable! I would recommend him to anyone an everyone. Thanks again Naveed for learning me to drive πŸ˜€

Muhammed javid Muhammed javid
Best driving instructor
Naveed is very calm patient and easy going person I enjoyed my lessons with naveed he made them fun and same time he made them beneficial lessons as well i learnt alot more then i did with my previous instructor LDC work book and and dvd also done great job as well keeps you update with your progress all the time I highly recommend naveed to anyone if you looking driving instructor then don't waste your time on others when you have best in Burton

Farhat AnwarFarhat Anwar
Thank you
Thank you Naveed You have been amazing teacher and always motivated me. I always felt comfortable asking u question and you always explained it well. I would recommend Naveed to any one

Niamh Southwell.Niamh Southwell.
honestly can not stress
I honestly can not stress how much I can recommend Naveed, he is patient, kind and won't stop until you have passed! Thank you so much for your help and making me the safest driver I can be!

Rhys Allen Rhys Allen
Great driving instructor
Naveed is great driving instructor and he is very patient. I had been driving for month with naveed and I have pass 1st with few minors LDC work Ok and DVD also helped to prepare for lessons and I knew my progress all times I would highly recommend naveed as he is very very good at what he does.

Tayyab AsmatTayyab Asmat
Thank you very much Naveed bro you have been very polite n helpful with me. You gave me such a nice instructions on my every wrong steps.thats why result came so good and got passed my practical test.

Kelly Loyyds Jones Kelly Loyyds Jones
Pass with naveed
I passed with Naveed! After 3 attempts at learning to drive I had given up. However, after booking with Naveed I passed first time! He is calm, knowledgeable and has the patience of a saint. I would recommend him to anyone. He let me learn at my own pace and was always punctual and honest. Thank you so much Nav, you have helped me open up a whole new, independent world.

 Emily Vinnicombe Emily Vinnicombe
Highly Recommend
I highly recommend Naveed as a driving instructor. He's very understanding of your individual needs. He will help you when needed but also knows when to let you find your own way, make a few mistakes and then learn from them so you don't do them again! He is calm and let's you feel at ease. The combination of Naveeds instruction and the LDC way of learning helped me to pass first time. I found the book incredibly useful. I would always prepare before each lesson and kept track of my progress. Thanks Naveed!

Sam WaltonSam Walton
LDC system worked great for me. The books, DVD and the theory disk really helped as it also explains every part of the driving and theory test. The theory test helped a lot because it wasn't just reading, it had games to play as well which made revising for the theory more fun and helped me because I am dyslexic, which gave me a break from reading. Naveed was very patient and explained things well.

Paige AtkinsPaige Atkins
5 instructors
5 instructors, 1 crash course and one failed test later...I did it! And who do I thank? Naveed! If only I found him first, I would have saved myself a lot of time and money! For me he gets 10/10 and higher. Naveed is calm, patience and makes lessons enjoyable! His ways of explaining are excellent and he made me realise driving really isn't that hard. Picking Naveed as an instructor is a decision you won't regret, certainly the best i have come across!

Ebrahim AboobakriEbrahim Aboobakri
1st time pass
I am Ebrahim,  I had 10 hours driving lessons with Naveed in Burton. After a Mock test , he just focused on showing me routes and practicing driving. Fortunately I passed first time. I found Naveed a responsible person with good quality of explaining things in a simple and understandable way. He is flexible , calm, patient, and helpful. Every time he asked me which parts of driving test I would like to focus and practice more and if I am happy with them or not. I hope you will also pass first time after having your lessons with Naveed.

Michael RiachMichael Riach
Good Teacher gives Clear instructions he is very approachable easy to get along he is very very experience in his job and he is very easy to contact when you need him very friendly and flexible i would recommend to any one The DVD and LD workbook help you through the weekly lesson step by step you know your progress weekly you will know when you are ready for your test

Tamim JabriTamim Jabri
Good one
LD book was full of useful information some of them i couldn't find in other sources naveed very good instructor he is very experience in teaching also he is very patient polite i would recommend him to any one

Tanveer HussainTanveer Hussain
one of best Driving instructor
Naveed is best Driving instructor anybody could wish for throughout the structured lessons in LD workbook really help me to understand lessons.naveed was always patient friendly and gave me his undivided attention if anybody looking for a professional and patient instructor then please ive naveed a go i achieved my dreams of freedom on the road and thats all down to naveed

Hasseeb ZahrabHasseeb Zahrab
1st time passed
I pass my test today with 3 minor i am very please and very happy all the credit goes to Naveed he is good and experienced instructor i would refer Naveed to any one i am sure they will be very happy with there decision

Lucy WhitingLucy Whiting
1st time passed
The LDC workbook is really useful especially near the time of the test with the show and tell me section. The LDC DVD did for the theory test is also really useful it prepares you really well for the theory test Naveed is an amazing instructor very friendly you can have laugh after having another instructor who repeatedly let me down changing to Naveed was great I would definitely recommend Naveed to to any one.

Kayleigh Blood HollandKayleigh Blood Holland
Passed 1St time
I found doing the theory test on the LDC app better then books and cds The LDC Book I bought of Naveed worked really well as you can see your progress as you go along it has everything in it. Naveed method of teaching I found really easy and Naveed is very easy to talk and get on with i would recommend Naveed to anyone

David Oliver cloakeDavid Oliver cloake
Thanks Naveed
Naveed very clam and polite person he got different way teaching then others instructors Naveed uses LDC workbook to help pupils to achieve there lesson targets I would recommend Naveed any one.

Leanne potllite Leanne potllite
It was joy thaught by naveed
It was a joy to be taught by Naveed his patient and gentle manner really helped I have found this to be a very effective both through learning from LDC book and DVD provided tracking my progress lesson by lesson. Naveed encouraged independent learning in between lessons and was full of great tips I would recommend Naveed to any one.

Safraz Hussian Safraz Hussian
Would recommend to anyone
As I needed some lesson to pass my taxi test Naveed was recommended to me from friend as my friend described him I found exactly the same Naveed is very polite and calm manner I had few old habits with Naveed help I got rid of them thanks Naveed. I passed with 3 minors i definitely would recommend to my family and friend

Amina Morgan Amina Morgan
Passed 1st time
Naveed Patient and good at explaining things especially different techniques on manoeuvres to suit you. Naveed is also very friendly and easy to get along with I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Ahmed DarAhmed Dar
Passed 1st time
LDC were very good in helping me to pass the test. Their DVDs and workbook clearly explained the different skills and manoeuvres It was a joy to be taught by Naveed He is patient and gentle manner really helped I would recommend Naveed to anyone.

Matt BakerMatt Baker
1st Time pass
Naveed gives lots of clear professional help making learning a lot of fun and guide you step by step on each stage of LD book. I would highly recommend to anyone.

Simon EatonSimon Eaton
Naveed is best Driving instructor ever I ve had
Naveed is always willing to help calm and patient his lesson ware well organised and before I started my one week pass Naveed sent me lessons plan so I knew what,s going happen in my lessons wouldn't done it without naveed's help LDC work book and DVD help me prepare for lessons day before book and DVD was big help

Mohmmed SulmanMohmmed Sulman
Pass 1st time
Mohammed Sulman I found Naveed to be very punctual friendly patient and professional the LDC workbook and DVD are clear and very informative which enabled me to work to my test I would recommend him to any one.

Christian AmobiChristian Amobi
Passed 1st time
Enjoyed learning to drive with Naveed he was really helpful. He taught me as friend not like other instructors in area and he made to believe in my self I love the LDC System! The homework is brilliant and helps you to progress through your lessons.